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1.出生于be born in

2.主修理工 major in

3.毕业于 /毕业后graduate from/after graduation

4.从事于 be engaged in/go in for

5.有着 ……的天赋have a gift for / be gifted i / have a talent for

6. 受到良好教育的 well-educated

7. 中国国籍(of) chinese nationality

8. 电话号码telephone number

9. 把心思用在 put one’s heart into

10. 集中精力于concentrate on / focus one’s attention on

11. 致力于 /献身于devote oneself to sth/doing sth/ be devoted to…

12. 积极从事……be active in sth

13. 对……做研究do research on

14. 对……不在乎cares little about

15. 工作到深夜 work until midnight

16. 获得硕士学位get/gain a master’s degree

17. 获得第一名 win the first prize (in…)

18. 大获成功 achieve great success

19. 被……录取;考入be admitted to

20. 被认为是……be regarded as/be considered as/be considered to be

21. 作为……被铭记be remembered as

22. (在……上 )排名第一rank no.1 (in); rank the first (in)

23. 因为……获得很多奖 receive many awards for

24. 用某物奖赏某人reward sb. with sth.

25. 凭着无比的决心with great determination


1. 一个五岁的男孩a boy aged five; a five-year-old boy

2. 在他十 /三十多岁时 in his teens/thirties

3. 五岁时 at the age of five

4. 在某人童年时 in one’s childhood

5. 过着 ……的生活live/lead/have a…life

6. 谋生earn one’s living; make a living

7. 照顾look after/take care of/attend to/care for

8. 养育;培养bring up

9. 对某人要求严格be strict with sb

10. 由……引起 result from

11. 导致result in; lead to; contribute to; bring about; give rise to; cause

12. 有能力做某事be able to do sth; have the ability to do sth

13. 很有才能的女子 a woman of great ability

14. 在……方面熟练 be skilled/skillful in

15. 在……方面有经验be experienced in

16. 获得 ……称号 be given the title of

17. 获得金 /银牌 win a gold/silver medal

18. 获诺贝尔奖 win/receive the nobel prize

19. 得到全世界的关注get the world’s attention

20. 不计名利 care little for money and fame

21. 留学深造 go abroad for further studies

22. 找到做某事的方法 find a way to do sth

23. 带/送某人到某地 take/send sb.to…

24. 情不自禁地做某事 can’t help doing sth

25. 给我们树立好榜样set us a good example / set a good example to us


1. 在教学楼的前面(有许多树)(there are lots of trees) in front of the teaching building

2. 在教室的前面(有块黑板)(there is a blackboard) in the front of the classroom

3. 位于在这座城市的南部lie in the south of the city

4. 距城南 15英里处15 miles away to the south of the city

5. 坐落在广州的西部be situated/located in the west of guangzhou

6. 在山脚下at the foot of the mountain

7. 在山顶上at the top of the hill

8. 中国第二大岛屿the second largest island in china

9. 占地面积有cover an area of

10. 有三千多年的历史have/with a history of over 3,000 years

11. 有……人口have a population of

12. 由 ……组成be made up of / consist of

13. 盛产be rich/abundant in

14. 它的南面有on its south lies…

15. 因 ……而著名 be famous/well-known for

16. 乘三路公共汽车take a no.3 bus; take bus no.3

17. 可容纳500客人can hold/accommodate up to 500 guests

18. 乍一看,初看起来 at first sight

19. 看见,看到 catch sight of

20. 呈现在眼前 come into sight

21. 看得见 /看不见 in sight/out of sight

22. 宿舍楼dormitory building

23. 看不,忽略 (ignore)lose sight of

24. 象征和平 stand for peace

25. 代表我的同学on behalf of my classmates; represent my classmates


1. 整理床铺make the bed

2. 刷牙 brush one’s teeth

3. 洗冷水澡have/take a cold bath

4. 洗淋浴 take a shower

5. 负债 /还清债务 in debt/out of debt

6.直到深夜deep into the night

7.保持/失去平衡 keep/lose ones balance

8.对……残忍 be cruel to sb

9.承认错误admit one’s mistake

10.听说hear of/about

11.作出共同努力 make joint efforts

12.忙于 be busy/occupied with

13.习惯于 be used/accustomed to

14.给某人打电话phone/telephone sb; call / ring sb up; give sb a call

15.不挂断电话,等等hold on

16.挂断电话 ring off

17.回复电话 ring back

18.过时 out of date

19.允许某人做某事 allow/permit sb.to do sth.

20.号召某人做某事 call on sb.to do sth.

21.鼓励某人做某事encourage sb to do sth

22.强迫某人做某事 force sb.to do sth.

23.提醒某人做某事/使某人想起某事remind sb to do sth; remind sb of sth

24.阻止某人做某事keep/prevent/stop sb.from doing sth.

25. 提高人民生活水平improve the living standards of the people


1.预习功课prepare for/preview lessons

2.上课have lessons

3.专心于be absorbed in

4.牢记 , 背诵 learn… by heart; keep…in mind

5.复习功课 review/go over the lesson

6. 努力学习work hard at

7. 尽力;尽最大的努力

8. 充分利用 do/try one’s best; make full use of; take advantage of

9. 在 ……方面取得进步 make progress in…

10. 赶上某人catch up with sb; keep up with sb

11. 参加入学考试take an entrance examination

12. 考试作弊 cheat in the exam

13. 通过考试/不及格pass/fail the examination

14. (数学)得满分 get full marks (for maths)

15. 获得奖学金 gain scholarship

16. 获得好成绩get good grades

17. 课后/放学后after class/after school

18. 算出;解决work out

19. 解决问题 solve the problem

20. 坚持做某事 insist on doing sth.

21. 高度赞扬某人speak highly of sb.

22. 因某事表扬表人praise sb for sth

23. 尊敬老师和家长 respect teachers and parents

24. 迟到/缺席 be late for/be absent from

25. 遵守/违反学校的规章制度obey/break the school rules and regulations


1. 对 ……感兴趣be interested in/take an interest in/show a great interest in/have a taste for

2. 培养对……的兴趣develop an interest in

3. 对 ……很积极,积极参加 be active in

4. 对 ……着迷 be crazy about

5. 对 ……感到好奇 be curious about sth

6. 对 ……感到厌烦be tired of

7. 引起某人的兴趣hold/attract one’s interest

8. 爱好体育运动love sports/like sports/be fond of sports/go in for sports/take pleasure in sports

9. 喜欢唱歌跳舞like/enjoy singing and dancing

10. 喜欢流行音乐 enjoy popular music

11. 感到高兴, 感到振奋 cheer up

12. 参加,参与join in; take part in; participate in

13. 挑出,辨别出 pick out

14. 尝试做某事 attempt/try to do sth

15. 在某人空闲的时候 in one’s spare/free time

16. 读小说read novels

17. 上网 surf the internet

18. 上网聊天 chat online

19. 集邮collect stamps

20. 做运动 do/have sports

21. 弹奏乐器 play musical instrument

22. 去野营 go camping

23. 打牌 play cards

24. 比起 ……更喜欢……prefer to…rather than…

25. 我最喜欢的爱好 my favorite hobby


1. 令某人开心/吃惊/失望的是to one’s delight/joy/surprise/disappointment

2. 对某人生气 be angry/annoyed with sb

3. 为……而担心be anxious/worried about

4. 对……感到惊讶 be astonished/surprised at sth.

5. 对某人感到失望 be disappointed at sb.

6. 对 ……感到满足be pleased/satisfied/content with

7. 对 ……感到抱歉 be sorry for…

8. 以 ……为豪 be proud of/take pride in

9. 满腔怒火 be filled with anger10. 急于做某事 be anxious to do sth

11. 高兴地做某事 be delighted to do

12. 感动流泪 be touched/moved to tears

13. 被吓死 be scared to death

14. 突然大哭/大笑burst into tears/laughter; burst out crying/ laughing

15. 情不自禁地做某事 cannot help doing

16. 担心,关心care about

17. 投诉,埋怨complain about

18. 渴望某人做某事 long for sb.to do sth

19. 盼望做某事 look forward to doing sth

20. 期盼/希望做某事 expect/wish to do sth.

21. 对做某事有强烈的愿望have a strong desire to do sth.

22. 对……有乐观的态度have an optimistic attitude towards…

23. 面带笑容with a smile on one’s face

24. 给……留下印象 make an impression on sb

25. 失去信心/建立自信 lose heart/build confidence


1. 撒谎 tell a lie

2. 帮助某人做某事 help sb with sth/help sb do sth

3. 帮助某人摆脱困境 help sb out

4. 遵守诺言/失言keep one’s word/promise; break one’s word/promise

5. 相互学习 learn from each other

6. 与某人交朋友 make friends with sb

7. 彼此信任trust each other

8. 关心be concerned about; care for; show concern for

9. 同……交流communicate with

10.交流思想/信息 exchange ideas/information

11. 爱上,喜欢上fall in love with

12. 与 ……取得/保持联系 get/keep in touch with

13. 与 ……相处,进展 get along/on with sb

14. 有很多共同点have a lot in common

15. 对 ……有影响have an effect / influence / impact on

16. 与某人建立亲密友谊form a close friendship with sb

17. 增进友谊 promote/strengthen friendship

18. 增进了解 promote understanding

19. 忍受,容忍 put up with

20. 珍惜某人的情谊 treasure sb’s friendship

21. 与……合作或一起工作team up with; cooperate with

22. 同甘共苦 share joys and sorrows

23. 与某人分享 share sth with sb

24. 保护……不受……伤害 protect…from…

25. 有某人的帮助/鼓励/支持下with sb’s help / encouragement / support of sb


1.为了做某事 in order to do sth

2.学生会the students’ union

3.制订计划 make a plan

4.设立目标set goals; set a goal

5.实现目标achieve one’s aim; reach/attain one’s goal; realize the goal

6.课外活动after-school/extracurricular activities

7.打算做 mean/plan/intend to do

8.发表演说 deliver a speech

9.去野餐/烧烤 have a picnic/barbecue

10.在海边郊游have an outing at the seashore

11.举行运动会hold a sports meet

12.举行毕业典礼hold the graduation ceremony

13.通知 make an announcement

14.为 ……做准备 make preparations for; get ready for

15.迎接挑战 meet the challenge

16. 做义务劳动do voluntary labor

17. 做兼职工作 take part-time jobs

18. 参加社会实践 take part in the social practice

19. 想要做某事feel like doing sth; would like to do sth; want to do sth

20. 下定决心做某事be determined to do sth/make up one’s mind to do sth

21. 宁愿(不)做某事 would rather (not) do sth

22. 报名参加比赛sign up for a match/contest/competition

23. 开阔眼界 broaden one’s horizons

24. 三思而后行 think twice before you do.

25. 伟大的抱负造就伟大的人great hopes make great man.


1. 春节 the spring festival

2. 端午节 the dragon boat festival

3. 中秋节the middle autumn festival

4. (某节)是在(某月某日) fall on

5. 纪念 in memory of

6. 为纪念,向……表示敬意in honour of

7. 三天的假期 a three-day vacation

8. 追溯到 date back to; date from

9. 遵守风俗 observe the customs

10. 应该做某事 be supposed to do sth

11.化装打扮/装扮成美猴王dress up/dress up as monkey king

12.用彩色灯装饰圣诞树decorate a christmas tree with coloured lights

13.去度假 go on holiday/take a vacation

14.庆祝节日 celebrate the festival

15.祝贺某人 congratulate (sb) on

16. 放烟花 set off fireworks

17. 表演节目put on performances

18. 走亲访友visit relatives and friends

19. 给小孩压岁钱 give children lucky money

20. 开某人的玩笑 play a joke on sb/make fun of sb

21.对某人表示尊敬 show respect for sb

22.举行龙舟赛hold dragon boat races

23.吃粽子eat rice dumplings

24.观看升国旗watch the national flag go up

25.和某人玩得开心 have fun with sb

话题11:购 物

1.免费 free of charge

2.去购物go shopping; do some shopping

3.去逛商场/超市 go to the supermarket; go to the mall

4.购物中心 shopping centre5.旧货店 second-hand stores

6. 打折 discount (make a discount)

7. 网上订购cyber ordering

8. 网上购物on-line shopping

9. 假冒商品fake products

10. 质量糟糕/优异(的)(of) poor quality/high quality

11.糟糕的服务 poor service

12.团购 buy in group

13.包装;包起来 wrap up

14.以现金支付 pay in cash

15.通过信用卡支付 pay by credit card

16.售空,卖完了be sold out

17.避免受骗 avoid being cheated

18.和某人砍价 bargain with sb

19.大甩卖on sale

20.高效方便 effective and convenient

21.售货员shop assistant

22.上升/下降 go up/go down

23.降低价格 bring down the price

24.花多少钱买某物spend money on sth; pay money for sth

25.合计为 300元add up to300 yuan; amount to 300 yuan

话题12:饮 食

1.高纤维/低脂肪be rich/high in fiber; be low in fat

2.挑食 be particular about food

3.节食 be/go on diet

4.削减脂肪 cut down body fat

5.对身体有害 do harm to one’s health

6. 吃垃圾食品/绿色食品eat junk food; eat green food

7. 多吃新鲜蔬菜水果eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

8. 吃零食/吃快餐eat snacks; eat fast food

9. 食物中毒 food poisoning

10. 保持均衡/健康的饮食keep a balanced diet; keep a healthy diet

11. 保持健康 keep healthy; keep fit

12. 保持身材苗条 keep slim

13. 减肥/增加体重 lose weight/put on weight

14. 对 ……失去胃口 lose appetite for

15. 使我们精力充沛 make us energetic

16. 不吃早餐 skip breakfast

17. 挨饿 suffer from starvation or hunger

18. 餐桌礼仪table manners

19. 点菜take an order

20. 吸收营养 take in nutrition

21. 外卖食品take-away food

22. 进行有规律的运动 take regular exercise

23. 注重食品质量attach importance to food quality

24. 更加注意你的饮食pay more attention to your diet

25. 养成健康的饮食习惯develop healthy eating habits

话题13:健 康

1.感冒/发烧catch a cold; have a fever

2.患流感have the flu; get flu

3.流鼻涕have a running nose

4.某个部位疼痛 have a pain in…

5.感觉虚弱/恶心 feel weak/sick

6. 感到紧张/沮丧 feel stressed/depressed

7. 患上重病 suffer from a serious disease

8. 进行体检have a body check/physical examination

9. 量体温 take one’s temperature

10. 吃药 take the medicine

11. 给某人做手术 have an operation on sb

12. 实施急救perform first aid

13. 吸毒成瘾be addicted to drugs

14. 染上……的习惯 get into the habit of

15. 暴露在辐射环境下 be exposed to radiation

16. 身心健康mental and physical health

17. 呼吸新鲜空气breathe fresh air

18. 自我放松 relax oneself

19. 减少 /释放压力 reduce/release pressure

20. 养成好生活习惯 form good living habits

21.勇敢地面对困难 face difficulties with courage

22.身体好/差 in good/poor health

23.熬夜/学习到深夜stay up (all night); study late into the night

24.医疗保险/护理 medical insurance; medical care

25.焦虑的负面影响 the negative effects of anxiety

话题14:天 气

1.晴转阴/阴转雨sunny then cloudy/cloudy then rainy

2.强阵雨 heavy showers

3.阳光灿烂的一天 a sunny day

4.天气预报 weather forecast/report

5.降到零下八度drop/fall to five degree below zero

6. 非常寒冷/炎热 freezing cold/burning hot

7. 遇上一场大雨 be caught in a heavy rain

8. 倾盆大雨 rains cats and dogs/pouring rain

9. 带一把雨伞或一件雨衣take an umbrella or raincoat

10. (房屋)倒塌 (buildings) fall down

11.(水电)被切断(water and power supplies) be cut off

12.延续长达一个月last as long as over a month

13.在飓风中被毁坏 be destroyed in the hurricane

14.被冰雪覆盖 be covered with ice and snow

15.在洪水/暴风雨中遇难(people) be killed in the flood/storm

16. 造成3个死亡和2人失踪cause 13 deaths and 5 people missing

17. 有200多人受伤/失踪with more than 200 people injured/missing

18. 某物成为废墟sth be in ruins; fall into ruins

19. 变得无家可归become homeless

20. 造成巨大损失/经济损失cause great damage/economic losses

21.派出救援队 send out rescue teams

22.给某人捐款donate/contribute money to sb

23.重建家园rebuild one’s homeland

24.恢复正常 return to normal

25.防汛抗旱 flood control and drought relief


1.卡通人物cartoon characters

2.爱情片/战争片/科幻片love movies; war movies; science fiction films

3.民族/爵士/流行/摇滚/古典音乐folk/jazz/pop/rock/classical music

4.乐器musical instrument

5.电视节目/连续剧 tv programs/series

6.奥斯卡大奖oscar awards

7.举办音乐会give a concert

8.使某人高兴cheer sb up; delight sb

9.为……鼓掌applaud for

10.喜剧作家,导演和制片人a comedy writer, director and producer

11.体育项目 sports event

12.运动员/主教练competitor/player/athlete; chief coach

13.决赛/半决赛/ finals; semifinals

14.主办奥运会host the olympics

15.踢进一球 score a goal

16. 憋住气hold one’s breath

17. 深吸一口气take a deep breath

18. 进行身体锻炼take physical exercise

19. 争夺金牌compete for a gold medal

20. 打破一项纪录 beat/break a record

21.创新世界纪录 set a new world record

22.获得冠军 win the championship

23.赢得一枚金牌/银牌/铜牌win a gold/silver/copper medal

24.赢得观众的掌声win the applause of the audience

25.为奥运会建造新的体育场build a new stadium for the olympic games


1.旅行社travel agency

2.旅游景点 tourist attraction; scenic spots

3.风景名胜a place of interest

4.周游世界travel round the world

5.太空旅游 space tourism

6. 度假be on holiday/vacation

7. 去旅游go on/make/take a trip/journey

8. 入住(旅馆)/退房 check in/out

9. 森林/沙漠探险(索) explore a forest/a desert

10. 订一张飞机票 book an airline ticket

11.将东西装箱打包pack sth up

12.为某人送行see sb off

13.(了解)当地文化understand the local culture

14.欣赏大自然的美景enjoy/appreciate the beauties of nature

15.拓宽知识面/增长知识broaden one’s knowledge; increase one’s knowledge

16. 更多地了解外面的世界know more about the outside world

17. 促进友谊和理解promote friendship and understanding

18. 骑车/骑马 ride a bike/horse

19. 坐公车/的士/飞机 take a bus/taxi/plane

20. 扣好安全带 fasten safety belt

21.遇上交通堵塞 be stuck in traffic jams

22.交通事故traffic accidents

23.交通规则 traffic rules/regulations

24.走斑马线 walk on the zebra crossing

25.等到绿灯 wait for the green light


1.培养对英语的兴趣develop one’s interest in english

2.如何记单词 how to remember english words

3.扩大某人的词汇量enlarge one’s vocabulary

4.查词典refer to the dictionary/look up a word in the dictionary

5.参加英语演讲比赛take part in the english speech contest

6. 写英语日记keep a diary in english

7. 养成阅读习惯 form the habit of reading

8. 每天练习英语口语practise spoken/oral english every day

9. 尽可能经常使用英语use english as often as possible

10. 培养用英语思考的习惯develop the habit of thinking in english

11.大胆而自信地说英语speak english bravely and confidently

12. 提高写作能力/技巧improve one’s writing ability/skills

13. (通过实践)学会法语 pick up french

14. 流利表达意思 express oneself fluently

15. 强调语法学习 focus on learning grammar

16. 有效的学习方法 effective learning methods

17. 良好的学习态度a good attitude to learning

18. 精通英语 have a good command of english

19. 更好地了解这两种不同文化have a better understanding of the two different cultures

20. 就如何学好英语给我们提些建议give us some advice on how to learn english

21. 提高学习效率 improve the learning efficiency

22. 作为国际交流的一种工具as a tool of international communication

23. 消除误会clear the air; smooth away the misunderstanding

24. 我觉得记单词很难i feel it difficult to learn words by heart

25. 对于a和b这两者的区别, 我感到很迷惑

i am confused about the difference between a and b.

话题18:自 然

1.植树/砍伐树木 plant trees; cut down trees

2.违背自然规律 go against nature

3.保护濒临灭绝的动物不被杀害protect the endangered animals from being killed

4.处于危险之中 (be) in danger of extinction/becoming extinct/dying out

5.严惩捕猎者 punish the hunters severely

6. 保持/破坏生态平衡keep/break ecological balance; keep/damage the balance of nature

7. 创造良好的生态环境create a pleasant ecological environment

8. 和动物和谐相处live in harmony with animals

9. 致力于保护野生动物devote oneself to protecting wildlife

10. 唤醒人们保护野生动植物的意识arouse people’s awareness of wildlife protection

11.采取有效措施保护珍稀动物take effective measures to protect rare animals

12.(地震等)袭击(某地)(earthquake, etc.) hit/strike (some place)

13.被冲走 be washed away bridges

14.全部焚毁 burn to the ground

15.让整个城市成为废墟leave the whole city in ruins

16. 被困人员 the trapped people

17. 困在废墟中 be trapped in the ruins

18. 面对各种困难 (be) faced with all kinds of difficulties

19. 克服困难 overcome difficulties

20.受灾地区 stricken district/area

21. 地震灾民the earthquake victims

22. 拯救受害人 rescue victims/sufferer

23. 呼吁人们捐赠call on people to make donations

24. 对……伸出援助之手hold out/give a helping hand to sb

25. 从灾难中恢复过来recover from the disaster


1. 改善生活 improve people’s life

2. 改善居住条件improve our living conditions

3. 促进经济发展promote the economic development

4. 以消耗资源为代价at the price/cost of resource exhausting

5. 往河里排放未经处理的废水pour waste water into rivers without being treated

6.排放烟雾和有毒气体send out smoke and poisonous gases into the air

7.水/噪音/空气/白色污染water/noise/air/white pollution

8.污染环境/空气 pollute the environment/air

9.使得全球温度上升cause the global temperature to go up

10.全球变暖 global warming

11.温室效应greenhouse effect

12.异常的气候abnormal climate

13.倡导绿色生活advocate green life

14.提高生活质量 improve the quality of life

15.提倡低碳生活advocate a low-carbon lifestyle

16.对生态友好的产品 eco-friendly products

17.环保产品 environment-friendly products

18.生产或使用绿色产品 go green

19.开发可再生资源develop renewable resources

20.采取行动 take action

21.改善环境 improve the environment

22.雨后春笋般涌现 spring up like mushrooms

23.发出恶臭 give off a bad smell

24.与污染作斗争fight against pollution

25.意识到环保的重要性be aware of the importance of protecting environment


1.信息技术it (information technology)

2.上网浏览信息surf the internet

3.用鼠标点击 click on sth

4.从网络下载信息download information from the internet

5.成立了一个研究中心 set up a research center

6. 进行一项研究 carry out a research

7. 载人宇宙飞船manned spaceship

8. 发射人造卫星 launch a satellite

9. 实现某人的梦想realize one’s dream

10. 吸引某人的注意catch/attract/draw sb’s attention

11.各种各样高科技产品a variety of high-tech products

12.先进的科学技术advanced science and technology

13.改变某人的生活change one’s life

14.提高人类的生活质量improve the quality of human life

15.赶上世界先进水平catch up with the advanced world levels

16.有很大影响,有很大差别make a great difference

17.使得生命有可能发展了make it possible for life to develop

18.能使用have access to/be accessible to

19.使某人能做某事enable sb to do sth.

20.在某方面起重要的作用play an important role in

21. 代替 take the place of

22. 与 ……有关联 be related/linked to

23. 得益于;从……受益benefit from

24. 实现,成为现实 come true

25. 随着科技的迅速发展with the rapid development of science and technology


1. 保护生存环境 protect living environment

2. 保护环境protect/preserve the environment

3. 保护生态环境 preserve/protect the ecological environment

4. 提高人们的环保意识raise people’s awareness of environment protection

5. 爱护树木花草care for trees and plants

6.骑自行车上班 ride bicycles to work

7.课本/垃圾回收利用recycle textbooks/trash

8.乘坐公共交通take public transport

9.正确处理垃圾 deal with rubbish properly

10.节约能源/水 save energy/water

11.不随地扔垃圾/吐痰 don’t litter/spit everywhere

12.分类垃圾 sort the garbage

13.禁止滥用塑料袋ban abusing plastic bags

14.禁止在公共场合吸烟ban smoking in public places

15.减少污染 reduce pollution

16.控制人口增长 control the population growth

17.降低青少年犯罪lower the rate of teenage crime

18.智能手机 smart phone

19.深化改革deepen reform

20.把 ……考虑进去 take sth into consideration

21.科学发展观the scientific outlook on development

22.走中国特色社会主义道路follow the path of socialism with chinese characteristics

23.无法忽视这一事实we cannot ignore the fact that

24.不可否认there is no denying the fact that

25.毫无疑问there is no doubt that; undoubtedly


1.文物 cultural objects/relics

2.古迹,历史遗迹historical site; places of historic interest

3.保护文化遗产protect cultural relics/heritage

4.灿烂的历史文化the brilliant history and culture

5.了解我们的民族文化learn about our national culture

6.民族自豪感a sense of national pride

7.废除奴隶制abolish slavery

8.一代一代传下来be passed down/on form generation to generation

9.起源于 had its origins in; originated from/with

10.被描述成 be described as

11. 被公认是be acknowledged as

12. 被认为是be considered (as/to be)

13. 据说是be said to be

14. 一位剪纸大师 a master of paper cutting

15. 开始存在,产生come into being/come into existence

16 .掌权,上台come into power

17. 具有悠久历史的国家a country with a long history

18. 以其文明的历史而著称be famous for its history of civilization

19. 一个文明古国a country with an ancient civilization

20. 有丰富的自然资源和旅游资源be rich in natural and tourism resources

21.学习中国历史study chinese history

22.带领某人参观某地show sb around

23.唐朝the tang dynasty

24.五四运动the may fourth movement

25.前一年the previous year

话题23:社 会

1.弱势群体disadvantaged groups

2.稳步增长rise/grow steadily/the steady growth (of…)

3.做好事 do a good deed4.自愿做某事 volunteer to do sth.

5.对 ……负责 be responsible for

6.工作经验 working experience

7.积极参加社会实践take an active part in the social practice

8.对……有影响make a difference to

9.认为……是理所当然 take it for granted

10.与某人分享/共用 (……) share (…) with sb

11.将某事归功于某人owe sth.to sb.

12.满足需求 satisfy/meet the needs (of…)

13.自改革开放以来 since reform and opening-up

14.得出结论 reach/come to/draw a conclusion

15.劝他戒烟 advise him to give up smoking

16. 做……有困难 have difficulty (in) doing…

17. 不遗余力做某事spare no efforts to do sth

18. 由……引起 arise from; result from

19. (想法或注意)被想到;某人想到(某主意)occur to sb

20. 碰巧做某事 happen to do sth; it happens that

21.为社会作贡献make contributions to the society

22.调整自己以适应新生活adjust oneself to the new life

23.根据表格/曲线图中所给的数字according to the figures given by the table/graph

24.随着经济的快速发展with the rapid development/growth of economy

25.人们普遍认为it is commonly believed/recognized that…


1. 相声a cross talk

2. 京剧beijing opera

3. (书)出版 come out

4. 根据,以……为基础be based on

5. 以……为(故事发生)背景 be set in…

6.在……中担任主角,主演 star in

7.作为……而著称be known as

8.在……中受欢迎be popular in

9.当代文学 contemporary literature

10.民间文学 folk literature

11.传统的民间艺术traditional folk art

12.艺术展览an art exhibition/gallery

13.我最喜欢的画家 my favorite painter

14.写了许多剧本/短篇小说write many dramas/short stories

15.欣赏诗歌 appreciate poetry

16.写了三篇散文 write three essays

17.从事文学创作 engage in literary creation

18.把小说改编为电影adapt novels for movies

19.得到诺贝尔文学奖gain the nobel prize in literature

20.没有灵感without inspiration

21.一部现实主义小说/一幅写实画a realistic novel/drawing

22.抽象派艺术/画家a abstract art/painter

23.生动的描述 a vivid description

24.一位杰出的艺术家an outstanding artist/a distinguished artist

25.莫言的一部代表作one of mo yan’s masterpieces



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